"Yubani", located to the southwest of To-ji Temple in Kyoto,

is a store specializing in yuba (tofu skin).

about "Yubani"

As a manufacturer of yuba products, we run a Japanese-style restaurant, where you can enjoy the taste of dishes using plenty of fresh raw and dried yuba.

Business Hours

Available from 11:30 AM Please visit the restaurant before 6:30 PM. * If you plan to visit the restaurant at 6:00 PM or later, please let us know in advance. Open every day (However, we close during the New Year's holiday. 12/26~1/5)


Karahashikeidencho 7 Kyoto Minami-ku,Kyoto
601-8454 Japan
TEL 075-691-9370 FAX 075-661-7330


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Established in 1905

From the Kyoto Prefectural Government, we received the "award for a long-established firm in Kyoto", which is given to firms which have been in business for more than 100 years in accordance with the vision of their family business and have been a good examples to others.

The type of room

2F Guest Room
2F Guest Room
2F Guest Room
2F Guest Room
3F Guest Room
3F Guest Room

Our food culture

Take a novel look at our food culture by
observing how yuba is produced in the traditional way.

Factory Tour

Yuba production is one of the traditional industries of Kyoto. At Yubani, with the "award for a long-established firm in Kyoto", which is given only to firms which have been in business for more than 100 years, we provide factory tours for customers who dine at Yubani.

We started accepting factory tours in order to promote the depth of Japanese food culture to people around the world and provide an opportunity to learn firsthand about the importance of foods. The hostess, who has worked as a school nurse, values the factory tour. Enjoy your meal in your room in the restaurant after the factory tour. The yuba produced in the factory gradually changes in taste during each phase as the soybean milk warms up, such as slightly thick yuba, Etoko Ichiban, and yuba sashimi.To promote the diverse taste of yuba, we provide Kaiseki dishes of yuba in diverse forms without using any meat or fish, and using only some garnish of vegetables. It is a rare experience even in Kyoto.

* If you wish to participate in a factory tour to observe how yuba is produced, please visit us before noon.
* Select the yuba Kaiseki course you will have after the factory tour.


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